Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The west the world freedom is us

So where is all this happening? Where is the battle of freedom being played out? The world - to a greater or lesser extent. Greater the more Westerly you look and lesser to the East. So for the sake of my argument the world is us here in the portly commercialised Western hemisphere, henceforth known as “We”.
“We” have individual and communal history’s, memories, biases, loves, needs, desires and all the disparate facets that make up man physically and emotionally.
“We” are travelling from one point to another in every facet of life. For “We” life itself is a process of change and adaptation. Adaption as it turns out in our need for, belief in and subservience to the aforementioned “church”.
Yes as we evolve and increasingly demand our freedom to choose we are dragging along a mobile base line for what we should be in charge of and what someone else should be able to mandate for us. It’s a moving feast.
We used to have beach inspectors in the 1920’s. One of our “Churches”, the local City Council decreed that the moral standard of the day should be upheld on the beaches and no woman should been seen in a start of too vigorous undress. The general population seemed to outwardly agree and thus the Council felt mandated to send silly little men in hats with clip boards to sandy strips and measure skirts and the what not.
Now we don’t have beach inspectors and we can do pretty much anything on the beach. Why? Because slowly but surely the boundary has moved. Were they dragged along behind society struggling to keep up with the requirements of this year’s version of modern society. Or where they pulled away from our feet. Pulled like a step from our foot, almost at rest so that we lurch forward in halting stuttering steps?
Interesting question.
Did we slowly, inexorable make a grab more and more self determination or somehow were our expectations of what was reasonable levels of freedom expanded for us?
Chicken or egg?